Thank You PetaPixel, Down the Road and Jim Gray!

I just learned that BrokenCamera.Club was included on a list compiled by Jim Gray for his site Down the Road and also published on PetaPixel

#10 of "49 Photography Blogs Worth Following". Broke the top 10!  Ok, the list is alphabetic so being #10 is not significant, but: Made the list!  I have three reactions: Honored, Surprised, and Concerned.

Honored to be included. Especially because there are some very good sites on the list run by people who know a lot more than I ever will. Sites I have read to learning about my cameras.  PetaPixel is run by a group that is actual in the industry and seem to work hard brining news and reviews. Jim Gray is a talented photographer with a very nice site, called Down the Road. Jim also has a very impressive film camera problem. Check out his collection and excellent reviews. 

Surprised to be noticed given all the people that are getting back into or have never given up on film. I started the blog to force myself to keep notes as I took on a challenge to shoot 50 different film cameras in a year. It kept going as I found more film cameras I wanted to play with. I an not a camera expert and not much of a photographer, but like a growing group, I enjoy the process and am happy to see film making a comeback. 

Concerned that people may actually be reading this. Feels like a child caught singing to their toys, suddenly feel a bit embarrassed.  Does this mean I have to start spell-checking and proof reading? Oh bother. Being included does not make me any smarter, I still learn more reading other sites than I contribute. 

Thank You Jim.


Jim Gray's Blog (check out his camera collection too):