The Start Of My Film Project

I have decided to spend the next year shooting film. This was really inspired by several things. My wife is an excellent photographer and artist. But she is not interested in equipment, she just wants to get the shot and does. I am fascinated by old film equipment but have no idea how to get a good shot. As I was cleaning out some storage, I found a stash of old (expiration dates in the '90s) film. It was not stored properly and may or may not be usable. But it gave me the idea to shoot it in some of my old cameras. Some how that was not enough, so I have set the goal of shooting 50 different 35mm cameras in the next year. So I'll be looking for cameras to shoot.

This site has been created to track my progress and share my experience. I will try to include some of the more helpful links that I use to learning about each camera because I do not plan for this to be a definitive review site, nor do I have the expertise for that.

Please read the ABOUT section for more details on my plan. Enjoy.